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Home Projects 4th call (2012)
NCCBI - Projects 4th call

1. Fast immunostaining and surface imaging of breast cancer tumorectomy dissection samples for intra-operative examination

Prof. M. Gijs (EPFL), Prof. G. Szekely (ETHZ) and Prof. H-A. Lehr (CHUV, UNIL)

PhD student: Diego Dupouy

Start: May 2012


2. Determination of cerebral metabolic fluxes coupling neurotransmission modifications during functional brain activation

Dr. J. Duarte (EPFL), Dr. N. Just (EPFL), Prof. R. Gruetter (EPFL), Prof. G. Rainer (UniFrib) and Prof. K. Martin (UniZH, ETHZ)

PhD student: Sarah Sonnay

Start: September 2012


3. Self-regulated illusions for chronic pain

Prof. O. Blanke (EPFL), Prof. R. Gassert (ETHZ) and Dr. J. Sulzer (ETHZ)

PhD student: Michel Akselrod

Start: September 2012


4. Differential phase contrast mammography

Prof. M. Stampanoni (PSI, ETHZ), Dr. N. Hauser (KS Baden), Prof. M. Hohl (UniBasel), Prof. R. Kubik-Huch (UniZH, KSB), Prof. M. Unser (EPFL)

PhD student: Carolina Arboleda

Start: October 2012


5. Non-invasive high resolution near-infrared imaging of the neonatal brain based on time-resolved single photon detector arrays

Dr. Martin Wolf (ETHZ, USZ) and Prof. Edoardo Charbon (EPFL)

PhD student: Scott Lindner

Start: February 2013


6. In vitro and in vivo 3D structural analysis of biological macromolecules by cryo-electron microscopy/tomography

Prof. P. Leiman (EPFL) and Dr. T. Ishikawa (PSI)

PhD student: Jagan Mohan Obbineni

Start: February 2013