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ISI Publications

[publications are grouped by project]

[last update: March 2013]

1) M. Guerquin-Kern, M. Häberlin, K.P. Pruessmann and M. Unser (2011). A Fast Wavelet-Based Reconstruction Method for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 30(9): 1649-1660.

2) M. Guerquin-Kern, L. Lejeune, K.P. Pruessman and M. Unser (2012). Realistic Analytical Phantoms for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 31(3): 626-636.

3) D. Zosso and J.-Ph. Thiran (2009). A Scale-Space of Cortical Feature Maps. IEEE Signal Processing Letters 16(10): 873-876.

4) D. Zosso, X. Bresson and J.-Ph. Thiran (2011). Geodesic Active Fields – A Geometric Framework for Image Registration. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 20(5): 1300-1312.

5) V. Estellers Casas, D. Zosso, R. Lai, J.-Ph. Thiran, S. Osher and X. Bresson (2012). An Efficient Algorithm for Level Set Method Preserving Distance Function. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21(12): 4722-4734.

6) M.E. Ambühl, C. Brepsant, J-J. Meister, A. Verkhovsky and I.F. Sbalzarini (2012). High-resolution cell outline segmentation and tracking from phase-contrast microscopy images. Journal of Microscopy 245(2): 161-170.

7) K., Mader F. Marone, G. Mikuljan, A. Isenegger, M. Stampanoni (2011). High-throughput full-automatic synchrotron-based microscopy station at TOMCAT. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 18(2): 117-124.

8) F. Marone, R. Mokso, J.L. Fife, S. Irvine, P. Modregger, B.R. Pinzer, K. Mader, A. Isenegger, G. Mikuljan and M. Stampanoni (2011). Synchrotron-based X-ray Tomographic Microscopy at the Swiss Light Source for Industrial Applications. Synchrotron Radiation News 24: 24-29.

9) D. Gastaldi, F. Canonico, L. Capelli, E. Boccaleri, M. Milanesio, L. Palin, et al. (2012). In situ tomographic investigation on the early hydration behaviors of cementing systems. Construction and Building Materials 29: 284-290.

10) K. Mader, R. Mokso, and C. Raufaste C. (2012). Quantitative 3D Characterization of Cellular Materials: Segmentation and Morphology of Foam. Colloids and Surfaces A 415: 230-238.

11) S. Chamot, E. Migacheva, O. Seydoux, P. Marquet and C. Depeursinge (2010). Physical interpretation of the phase function related parameter gamma studied with a fractal distribution of spherical scatterers. Optics Express 18: 23664-23675.

12) J.S. Jeong, A. Ansaloni, R. Mezzenga, H.A. Lashuel and G. Dietler (2013). Novel mechanistic insight into the molecular basis of amyloid polymorphism and secondary nucleation during amyloid formation. J. Mol. Biol. In Press.

13) J.S. Jeong and G. Dietler (2012). Controlling a single DNA molecule in an electric field by means of in situ atomic force microscopy. J. Elec. Soc. 159, H623-25.

14) J. Adamcik,C. Lara, I. Usov, J.S. Jeong, F.S. Ruggeri , G. Dietler, H.A. Lashuel, I.W. Hamley and R. Mezzenga (2012). Measurement of intrinsic properties of amyloid fibrils by peak force QNM method. Nanoscale 4, 4426-29.

15) R. Wang, F. Yan, D. Qiu, J.S. Jeong , Q. Jin, T.Y. Kim and L. Chen (2012). Traceless cross-linker for photocleavable bioconjugation. Bioconjug. Chem. 23: 705-13.

16) S. Jeney, F. Mor, R. Koszali, L. Forró and V. T. Moy (2010). Monitoring ligand-receptor interactions by Photonic force microscopy. Nanotechnology 21: 255102.

17) T. Franosch, M. Grimm, M. Belushkin, F.M. Mor, G. Foffi, L. Forró and S. Jeney (2011). Resonances arising from hydrodynamic memory in Brownian motion – The colour of  thermal noise. Nature 478: 85-88.

18) E. Reimhult, M.K. Baumman, S. Kaufmann, K. Kumar and P.R. Spycher (2010). Advances in nanopatterned and nanostructured supported lipid membranes. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews 27: 185-216.

19) D. Giese, M. Haeberlin, Ch. Barmet, K.P. Pruessmann, T. Schaeffter, and S. Kozerke (2012). Analysis and Correction of Background Velocity Offsets in Phase-Contrast Flow Measurements Using Magnetic Field Monitoring. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67(5). 1294-1302.

20) S.J. Vannesjo, M. Haeberlin, L. Kasper, M. Pavan, B.J. Wilm, C. Barmet and K.P. Pruessmann (2013). Gradient system characterization by impulse response measurements with a dynamic field camera. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69(2): 583-593.

21) E. Shaffer, N. Pavillon, J. Kühn and C. Depeursinge (2009). Digital holographic microscopy investigation of second harmonic generated at a glass/air interface. Optics Letters 34(16): 2450-2452.

22) E. Shaffer, C. Moratal, P. Magistretti, P. Marquet and C. Depeursinge (2010). Label-free second harmonic phase imaging of biological specimen by digital holographic microscopy. Optics Letters 35(24): 4102-4104.

23) E. Shaffer, P. Marquet and C. Depeursinge (2010). Real time, nanometric 3D-tracking of nanoparticles made possible by second harmonic generation digital holographic microscopy. Optics Express 18(16): 17392-17403.

24) E. Shaffer, N. Pavillon and C. Depeursinge (2012). Single-shot, simultaneous incoherent and holographic microscopy. Journal of Microscopy 245(1): 49-62.

25) M. Mishkovsky, T. Cheng, A. Comment and R. Gruetter (2012). Localized in vivo hyperpolarization transfer sequences. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 68(2): 349-35.

26) J. Ries, C. Kaplan, E.  Platonova, H. Eghlidi and H. Ewers (2012). A simple, versatile method for GFP-based single molecule localization microscopy via nanobodies. Nature Methods DOI 10.1038/NMETH.

27) C.A. Wanger-Baumann, L. Mu, M. Honer, S. Belli, M.F. Alf, R.A. Schubiger, S.D. Krämer and S.M. Ametamey (2011). In vitro and in vivo evaluation of [18F]-FDEGPECO as a PET tracer for imaging the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5). Neuroimage 56: 984-91.

28) M.F. Alf, H. Lei, C. Berthet, L. Hirt, R. Gruetter and V. Mlynarik (2012). High-resolution spatial mapping of changes in the neurochemical profile after focal ischemia in mice. NMR Biomed. 25: 247-54.

29) M.I. Martic-Kehl, S.M. Ametamey, M.F. Alf, P.A. Schubiger and M. Honer (2012). Impact of inherent variability and experimental parameters on the reliability of small animal PET data. EJNMMI Res. 2: 26.

30) M.F. Alf, M.T. Wyss, A. Buck, B. Weber, R. Schibli and S.D. Krämer (2013). Quantification of brain glucose metabolism by 18F-FDG PET with real-time arterial and image-derived input function in mice. J Nucl Med. 54: 132-8.

31) A.L. McEvoy, H. Hoi, M. Bates, E. Platonova , P.J. Cranfill, et al. (2012). mMaple: A Photoconvertible Fluorescent Protein for Use in Multiple Imaging Modalities. PLoS ONE 7(12): e51314.

32) A. Angelini, J. Morales-Sanfrutos, P. Diderich, S. Chen and C. Heinis (2012). Bicyclization and tethering to albumin yields long-acting peptide antagonists. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55: 10187-10197

33) A. Angelini, P. Diderich, J. Morales-Sanfrutos, S. Thurnheer, D.  Hacker, L. Menin and C. Heinis (2012). Chemical macrocyclization of peptides fused to antibody Fc fragments. Bioconjugate Chemistry 23: 1856-1863.

34) L. Pollaro, P. Diderich, A. Angelini, S. Bellotto, H. Wegner and C. Heinis (2012). Measuring net protease activities in biological samples using selective peptidic inhibitors. Analytical Biochemistry 427: 18-20.

35) G. Lovric, S. Barré, J. Schittny, M. Roth-Kleiner, M. Stampanoni and R. Mokso (2013). Dose optimization approach to fast X-ray micro-tomography of the lung alveoli? J. Appl. Cryst. In press

36) C. Binter, V. Knobloch, R. Manka, A. Sigfridsson and S. Kozerke (2012). Bayesian multipoint velocity encoding for concurrent flow and turbulence mapping. Magn Reson Med. doi: 10.1002/mrm.24370.

37) C. Binter, V. Knobloch, R. Manka, A. Sigfridsson and Kozerke, S. (2012), Assessment of energy loss across aortic valves using accelerated CMR multi-point flow measurements. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 14(Suppl 1): W9. doi: 10.1186/1532-429X-14-S1-W9.

38) A.T. Ciftlik, D. G. Dupouy and M.A.M. Gijs (2013). Programmable parylene-C bonding layer fluorescence for storing information on microfluidic chips. Lab on a Chip doi:10.1039/c3Lc41280f.