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The Center supports multidisciplinary and multi-institutional activities of special topicality, importance and urgency that are unlikely to gain support through regular funding mechanisms, i.e., the center focuses on supporting high-risk high-yield scientific projects that are advancing biological imaging to open for biomedical researchers new research horizons and capabilities. Of particular interest are efforts that lead to paradigm-shifts and/or new technologies in biomedical imaging to render previously untestable biological hypotheses of importance into testable hypotheses.

Four calls for proposals were launched between 2007 and 2011, asking for proposals for doctoral fellowships in imaging science for biology and medicine. The doctoral program of the NCCBI requires a main PhD advisor from EPFL and co-advisor from ETHZ or vice-versa. In case that the main or co-advisor comes from PSI, another advisor from EPFL or ETHZ is involved in the project. The available funding of the ETH Board has been fully committed up to 2016 to funding a total of 33 joint PhD projects. Several research institutions from outside the ETH Domain have entered the network.

Following the four calls, the inter-campus activities include following research fields:

Advanced microscopy imaging methods

such as fluorescence, two-photon, atomic force, thermal noise,...

X-ray imaging, MR spectroscopy and PET

with special focus on mouse physiology and awake animals

TOMCAT and polarized targets

Signal processing methods